Insider's Guide to Wedding Bands

The Insider’s Guide to Wedding Bands! 

There are few pieces of jewelry more meaningful than your....wait for it….you guessed it, your Wedding Bands!  These are the rings with all the feels.  The meaning.  The symbolism.  The outward expression of your commitment and love for each other.   THE ONE! 

As Co-Founders of Tesoro Boston, my husband and business partner David and I spend a lot of time helping couples choose this most important symbol of love.  Choosing the perfect wedding band can also be daunting for some.  Where to start?  With that in mind, we’re going to tackle the most commonly asked questions when choosing wedding bands.


Should We Pick Out Our Wedding Bands Together?

Yes!  Make a date of it.  Choosing your wedding bands should be one of the most exciting moments of wedding planning!  At Tesoro Boston, we offer wedding band sessions celebrated with a bottle of Prosecco at our signature Diamond & Design Bar!  Or shop online together for a fun night at home!

Do Our Wedding Bands Need to Match?

Not unless you want them to.  Matching was the traditional thing to do, it showed togetherness.  Today we achieve togetherness in our own way and we create our own traditions.  Each of you should wear what you like and wear what makes you feel loved. 

Do my Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Need to Match?

In days past, bridal sets were all the rage.  The work was done for you because the set came as a “package deal”.  While most engagement rings have a perfectly designed wedding band match, all have more than one available option!  And if you’re not sure what looks best?  Enter professional here.  Style is my specialty.

Do I need diamonds in my wedding band?

Only if you love them!  Traditional metal bands with custom finishes are making a big comeback. You can even consider adding color with sapphires or emeralds.  Creativity is key!

How much should I expect to pay?

There are wedding band options available in every budget.  Having a clear budget in mind can guide your shopping experience.  It can also help your jeweler narrow down the search.   Could there be anything worse than falling in love with a ring you can’t afford?  Keep your expectations realistic and you won’t be disappointed. Amazing rings can be found in every price range!

– Nerissa Parisi-Hill, Tesoro Boston


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