Twinning. It's a thing. Or is it?

Twinning.  It's a thing.  Or is it?  

Remember the days of being dressed up just like your siblings?  Matching clothes, matching colors.  Conformity! And if you actually were a twin, I'm going to let you take over here with stories I can't even imagine.  

Enter *sighs* here.  

So let's go ahead and jump headlong into the subject of matchy-matchy, shall we.  There's a few versions of "matching" when it comes to do jewelry.

Do Our Wedding Bands Need to Match?

Not unless you want them to.  Matching was the traditional thing to do, it showed togetherness.  Today we achieve togetherness in our own way and we create our own traditions.  Each of you should wear what you like and wear what makes you feel loved. 

Do my Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Need to Match?

In days past, bridal sets were all the rage.  The work was done for you because the set came as a “package deal”.  While most engagement rings have a perfectly designed wedding band match, all have more than one available option!  And if you’re not sure what looks best?  Enter professional here.

Do I need to Match My Metals

No. There are no rules here either.  That is unless you favor a clean aesthetic.  As a matter of fact, mixing metals is one of those sneaky places where we get to infuse personality into our jewelry wardrobe!  While we're partial to Platinum for heirloom quality diamond pieces, why not add a pop of color with a simple wedding band in Yellow or Rose Gold?   That change in texture and visual appearance adds layers to your look. Just like clothing!


Engraving can give you the togetherness you desire while allowing you to choose your own unique styles.  Choose a singular phrase to engrave in both rings for unity and go wild with design and metal choice or color.  Dare to walk your own path!  

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